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Product safety, traceability and quality

The safety, traceability and quality of products are of great importance in the food and feed industry. Wagenaar Dairy tests all of its mixes and intermediate goods before they leave the warehouse. Our production personnel adhere to strict procedures and signal any deviations.

Besides product quality we strive for high-quality relationships. This is why we aim for long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients.
In addition, Wagenaar Dairy has been GMP+ and HACCP certified for many years.

Sustainability at Wagenaar Dairy

Wagenaar Dairy greatly values sustainability and makes every effort to reduce its carbon footprint. We run the entire production process on the green energy from our 660 solar panels, for instance. The warehouse and offices are properly insulated and our production plant uses electric forklifts.

Jan Wagenaar Frisian Dairy Managing Director

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance

The GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme was initiated and developed in 1992 by the Dutch feed industry. GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance is a system created to safeguard animal feed safety in every link in the food chain. The system comprises several components, such as provisions regarding quality management (ISO 9001) HACCP, product standards, traceability, monitoring, chain approach and the Early Warning System.

GMP+ certified companies are able to demonstrate that feed and feed ingredients meet the regulations and that traceability is guaranteed.

Skal Biocontrol

Skal Biocontrol is an independent organisation that supervises and monitors the whole organic chain in the Netherlands. Registration, certification and monitoring support its aim to achieve a demonstrably reliable organic sector.

As an independent administrative body, Skal ensures that the organic manufacturing, processing and trading of products meet the requirements of the EU Organic Farming Regulation, the Dutch Agricultural Produce Quality Control Act and the regulations and principles of Skal Biocontrol.
Skal visits and audits companies on a yearly basis and ensures the upkeep of a demonstrably reliable European trademark.

Skal Biocontrol was appointed by the Dutch ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality as the control authority for the implementation of statutory tasks arising from the European Organic Farming Regulation.
The regulation leaves member states free to choose the structure of the monitoring regime. The Netherlands opted for a uniform structure –  a single control authority that is responsible for all of the statutory monitoring tasks in organic production. As such, Skal is a unique organisation.
Wagenaar Dairy was certified by Skal Biocontrol for the trade in organic dairy powders for humane consumption and for the trade in and production of organic dairy powders for the feed industry.
Certified companies are able to demonstrate that their feed and feed ingredients meet all statutory regulations and that their traceability is guaranteed.

BRCGS Agents & Brokers

The BRC Global standard for agents and brokers was developed to manage product safety, quality and legality for companies in the food, feed and packaging industries who do not have their own production facility. Non-producing traders who buy, sell or facilitate the trade are a critical link in the production chain. They are responsible for the preservation of an effective traceability chain.

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