Whey powder

Wat is wheypowder?

Whey is the by-product from the cheese production. The fresh whey is pasteurized, cristalized, and thickened. Nextly, the product is powdered through a spraying process. After this process you are left with wheypowder.

What are the uses of whey powder?

Whey powder is a product that is often used in the sport nutrition. It is also used in bakeries, ice cream, yoghurt and desserts. In addition whey is used in the feed, for instance for calves and pigs.

More information about whey powder?

For more information about whey powder you can reach out to our customer service. Would you like to recieve specifications or a quotation? For more information you can email to info@wagenaardairy.nl or call to +31 (0) 516 422393.

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