Milk protein concentrate – mpc

What is milk protein concentrate? 

Milk protein concentrate is made from pasteurized skimmed milk. The milk protein is seperated from the remaining components through ultrafiltration. Nextly, the remaining components are further concentrated and dried. After this process you are left with protein values between the 40% and 85 %.

What are the uses of milkproteïne concentrate?

Milk protein concentrate is mainly used in the pet-food and pigfeed, and as raw material in milk substitutes for calves. In addition the product is used in sport nutrition, bakery products, dairy products, energy bars and desserts.

More information about milk protein concentrate?

For more information about milkprotein you can reach out to our customer service. Would you like to recieve specifications or a quotation? For more information you can email to or call to +31 (0) 516 422393.

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